0 Create Texture to Your Sports Ball Cookies

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Think you need fondant to make this fabulous texture on these Soft Sugar Cookies?
Country Kitchen Sports Ball Cookie Cutter Texture Set

Think again.  You can use butter cream frosting and these texture sheets to create a cool texture to these sports themed cookies!

The process is very simple.

1. Frost your baked and cooled sugar cookies using this method with butter cream icing.

Cover and let dry overnight.  I love these plastic covers that fit my baking sheets!

2. Use a clean, dry template and line it up with your cookie.

3.  Using gentle pressure with your fingertips, smooth the template onto the cookie.

4. Carefully lift the template.  If the template sticks to your icing, it is not dry enough.  The best type of butter cream recipe is one that uses milk or water. This is also known as a "self crusting" icing.

5.  Smooth the edges of your cookie with a clean, dry fingertip.

I love how soccer, basketball, and volley ball turned out.  Not so much on the baseball...seems like the lines are a little too close together.

The football turned out great! It paired really well with the jersey and helmet cookie.

The template package includes a tennis ball, but I prefer this design and EASY method of making the curved white lines. 

I like the #8 pool ball, but my first experience in making black frosting ended up tasting very bitter.  I'll need to do some research on making a great tasting black frosting.

Happy Baking!

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