7 Kitchen Tip: Perfect Fluffy Baked Potatoes

Do you know how to get a mashed potato texture in your baked potato....before you cut it open?
It starts with the perfect baking potato.  The Russet potato.

The potatoes are scrubbed clean and patted dry.  I prick them all over with a fork or a paring knife, to allow the steam to escape while baking.

I don't want an exploded potato in my oven, although my boys would love that...

If you want soft potato skins, rub 'em with butter or shortening OR cover with aluminum foil.

Me?  I like the crispy skins....yum!  The skins have a lot of nutrients, plus fiber ~

I bake my potatoes in a 425ºF oven for 40-60 mintues, depending on how large they are.
Are you ready for the secret?
I get a hot pad and roll the potato gently back and forth between my hands, being careful not to break the skin.  Keep rolling until you get a very soft potato.
Cut the potato length-wise
and with both hands, grab the ends of the potato.  Squeeze the potato and push down...
and the 'mashed' potato insides will come up!  This is the part that is so magical to my youngest.  "How do you do that?"
 Did you know that a large, baked potato, with skin on, has only 278 calories, with only 3 calories coming from fat?
Be careful of what you put on your baked potato.  Me?  I like a little pat of whipped margarine...
and fat-free sour cream.  That's it.  Simple.
What do you like on your baked potato?

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