15 Com'on Lil' Doggies!

Many years ago, when my kids were little, I tried to make corn dogs.  Emphasis on the word, tried.

Tried and failed.

What happened?

The batter just wouldn't stick.  I tried drying off the hot dogs and got some of the batter to stick.

As soon as it hit the hot oil, the batter just sliiiiiiiid off and left the naked hot dog to cook on its own.

Enter the Internet.

I searched high and low to find the perfect corn dog recipe.  There are SO many variations.  I read every recipe, review, and wrote down copious notes.

So here ya go, folks!  The perfect corn dog!

If you are lucky enough to have a wheat grinder, use it to grind UNpopped popcorn kernels on the coarse setting.

Fresh cornmeal.  Nothing like it.  Don't worry, packaged cornmeal works great too.

Though the original recipe did not include it, I used honey as part of my sweetener.  Tip:  spray the inside of your measuring cup/spoon with oil, measure the honey, and it will sliiiiiiide right out.  Cool!

Kids don't like a gritty corndog, so I let this mixture sit for a good 30 minutes or so.  This also allows the flour to absorb all the wet ingredients.

Use all beef dogs.  Yes, you will pay a little more, but it makes a GREAT corn dog.  You won't regret it.

You will want your dogs room temperature....these fry up pretty quickly and no one wants a hot corn dog with cold insides.  They can sit out safely for the 30 minutes that your cornmeal is soaking.

Dry them off with a paper towel.

Coat them with all purpose flour.  Some recipes call for cornstarch.  I used all purpose flour.  After some trial and error, I discovered that cutting the hot dogs in half fit better in my fryer and were easier to cook.

This batter looks too thin.  I was right.  It slid off and this is what I got.

I added more flour till I got this consistency:

Bamboo skewers were cut in half (remember to cut the pointy end off!) and stuck into the floured dog.  They are then dunked into a glass filled with batter, lifted up and "swirled" slightly to help the batter stop dripping.

I have seen posts where corn dogs are fried in a heavy cast iron skillet, being turned as they cook.  Make sure you can fill it with 2"- 3" of oil.

I used my deep fryer, with and without the basket. 

Without the basket, it sank and stuck to the element, creating burn marks on it.  I was more successful with the basket, QUICKLY turning the corn dog with a fork.  If I didn't turn it, it would stick to the basket and stay stuck there.  The dogs will float to the surface and are easily turned there, as well.

Put them to drain on a paper towel lined rack, and cut one open.


How did they taste? 

Crispy outside, and juicy inside.  Perfect!

This recipe covered 16 full hot dogs, which made 32 doggies.  These freeze really well and warm up in the microwave nicely for a quick meal.

You can even cut them in fourths, omit the sticks, use tongs to dip and fry...

Corn dog bites!  A great appetizer, don't you think?

Give 'em a try.  It'll bring out the kid in ya.

Perfect Corn Dogs
(4x6 recipe download)      (full page printable recipe)
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