19 Fire Pit Corn on the Cob -Roasted is Always Better!

When a neighbor of ours gave us some awesome sweet corn last year, my hubby threw a couple of cobs into the fire pit.  The result?  A sweet, smokey tasting corn that we all loved!

It begins with fresh, sweet corn.  Corn on the cob begins to lose its sweetness the minute it is picked.

We grill our corn using this method every summer.  It's easy:  soak the corn in the husk, throw it on the grill, and bake!

Freezing corn and enjoying it year round is great too...a great way to bring a little summer sunshine into a dreary winter day!

My father in law found some corn on sale and gave us a few ears.

I soaked the UNhusked corn in my kitchen sink filled with water while the fire was built.  A bucket of water works, too.

You want to put the soaked cobs directly onto the white, powdery coals.  Not into the orange, fire-y coals.

Turn them every 5 minutes or so, till the husks are black, about 25-30 minutes.

As the fire burns, move the corn cobs toward the center of the fire.

After 30 minutes, pull the cobs out and handle carefully with hot pads.

Pull the husks off....the silk comes of easily....butter and season as you wish...salt, pepper, cayenne, Season All, bbq seasoning....

Are you ready for summer?

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