5 It's a Win ~ Win ~ Win Situation!

Each time you visit my site, leave a comment, or visit other pages within my site, I am monetarily compensated.  Think of that little corner of my blog as prime real estate; I'm just renting out the space.  It's not a substantial amount, by any means, but what you may not know is what I do with the money.

Food bloggers will understand that it takes time to do a post; to research the recipes, purchase the ingredients, make the food, photograph the food, edit the photos, write the post, and edit the final draft of the post.  They put their whole heart and soul into worthwhile content for YOU to enjoy!

It IS a lot of work, but when you DO what you love and LOVE what you do, it does not feel like work.  I know a fantastic blogger that relies on her food blog for income, as her husband is looking for a job.  She loves what she does and it shows in her blog posts.  Other food bloggers have full time day jobs and their blog is simply a hobby; a creative outlet for them.

So what do food bloggers do with their blogging income?  Some of them turn the money around and use it for food.  Great dishes begin with quality ingredients and as all of you know, the cost of food is on the rise. 

Others may use their money to host their site, pay for their blog design, or pocket it for something fun like cute shoes or a purse.

Me?  I like to use my blogging income for giveaways.  I believe in what goes around, comes around.  Reciprocity.  Call it karma, if you wish.  It is a win ~ win ~ win situation for everybody involved.

A WIN for my family to enjoy great food, even though they have to wait patiently for me to photograph it.

A WIN for me in several ways.  I get to use my creativity in the kitchen.  I get to meet so many fantastic bloggers and try their recipes.  I have a place to store recipes for my family and friends.  Oh yeah ...  I get to eat the food!

And a WIN for YOU, the readers.  You get to enjoy the post, photos, tips and hopefully make the recipe with the ones you love.  You get to participate in a giveaway and hopefully win.  See how this works?  It's one ginormous circle!

I get giddy when it is time to do a giveaway.  I love picking out a quality item and posting about it.

I love to read each and every comment on the giveaway.  It's really cool to go to Random.org, punch in the numbers, feel the anticipation, and see what it spits out.

Then I get to email the recipient and tell them the GREAT news!!  Many times, they tell me that "I never win anything....I'm so excited!"

And that makes me smile.

Congrats, Freckles and Sunshine!  Look for an email from me.....


  1. What a lovely prize to win , congrats on the winner. you have my compliments on your blog and you fabulous recipes.

  2. It is! I'm on pins and needles, waiting for an email reply from Freckles and Sunshine!

    Mary,thanks for the compliments!

  3. I love your blog, the give aways are just a great perk!

  4. Great post! So true about the time and effort involved... But when you love doing it, it's fun not work!


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