5 Fruit Snack O'Lantern for Halloween

Amidst all the sweet treats for Halloween, this idea struck me as creative, healthy, and FUN!

It was rather simple to put together...

First, select an orange that looks pretty, and well....orange!

Some oranges are oblong, so I tested several oranges for stability. 

Next, cut the top off the orange.  Use a small, serrated knife, or in this case, I used a grapefruit knife to cut the inside of the orange to hollow it out.  I originally had this orange in my hand, but I almost stabbed myself ... put the orange on a counter or in a bowl while you cut ...

I used a spoon to scoop out the orange segments.  In retropsect, I think a grapefruit spoon might have been easier....  guess you'll have to try it out and let me know!

Here comes the fun part ~ carving a face.  Use only the tip of a small paring knife, and keep the design small and simple to hold the fruit inside.  The rind is soft and easy to cut, unlike a real pumpkin.  Keep in mind to keep the openings small, so the fruit doesn't fall out...

Cut a slit in the top to put a plastic spoon.  Your orange "pumpkin" is ready to be filled!

I cut up the orange segments and added it to a can of fruit cocktail.  Of course, you can add any combination of fruit that hits your sweet spot.

Are you ready for Halloween?  I am!

Source:   Disney Family Fun

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