6 Halloween Cheese A Dillas!

I had my cute nieces over and was wondering what I could fix them for dinner.  I wanted to make something easy and fun for them.

Do you like quesadillas?

YES!!  They cheered.

I thought I heard the youngest say, "I like cheese A dillas!" and thus this name stuck...

Begin with a flour tortilla.  Using a sharp knife, cut out the face or pattern that you want.

Using a non-stick skillet, lay a second tortilla down and place a handful of cheese in the middle.

Spread the cheese in a single layer, being careful not to spill cheese onto the skillet.

Top it immediately with your cutout tortilla.

I didn't want to flip over the tortilla to cook the other side, so I put a lid on it.  This "steamed" the entire tortilla and cooked the cheese evenly.

Once bubbly, I removed it and put it on a plate.  Let's see how this little gal likes her Cheese A Dilla...


After cutting the qesadilla into fourths, it was quickly gobbled up while I made the others...

Happy Halloween!


  1. Those are so cute! I bet they loved them!

  2. Oh! this is cute!
    We don´t celebrate Thanksgiving in Spain, but would you mind if I make these one day?. Thanks
    Love from the north of Spain

  3. you are the best aunt ever!!! this is too cute.

  4. what a great idea. so using this.

  5. Cute, cute idea! I may have to do that with the kids at school...wondering about cutting faces out with knives though. It's too cute not to consider. What a sweet auntie you are!


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