2 Easy Cheese-y Popcorn!

You know those canisters of popcorn that you can get around this time of year?  The ones that have three kinds of popcorn: buttered, caramel, and cheese?

I have noticed that those cans are getting smaller.

Yes, smaller!

After making my Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn recipe, I thought, "Why not try to make cheese popcorn?"

I searched to find a recipe, but many of them called for shredded cheese.  I wanted the finger-licking powdered cheese recipe and even hunted online for "powdered cheese."

Then it occurred to me....

Why not use the powdered cheese from a box of Mac N Cheese?

I popped 9 cups of popcorn in my Cuisinart Easy Pop and promptly opened up a generic box of Mac N Cheese.  You know, the cheap kind that you can get three for a dollar?

The powder was a little lumpy, so I put some of it in a sieve and starting sprinkling it on the popcorn.

I noticed that the powder was NOT sticking to the popcorn, so I melted some butter.

Poured a little bit of butter onto the popcorn, sprinkled some cheese powder, more butter, then more powder, and kept going till it was just right.

This was truly a forehead slap moment ...  the recipe is simply 9 cups popcorn, 4 T. melted butter and yes, one package of cheese powder from a box.

Now I want to try this flavor ...

What do YOU think??

Easy Cheese-y Popcorn
(4x6 recipe download)    (full page printable recipe)
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