2 Easy Cheese-y Popcorn!

You know those canisters of popcorn that you can get around this time of year?  The ones that have three kinds of popcorn: buttered, caramel, and cheese?

I have noticed that those cans are getting smaller.

Yes, smaller!

After making my Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn recipe, I thought, "Why not try to make cheese popcorn?"

I searched to find a recipe, but many of them called for shredded cheese.  I wanted the finger-licking powdered cheese recipe and even hunted online for "powdered cheese."

Then it occurred to me....

Why not use the powdered cheese from a box of Mac N Cheese?

I popped 9 cups of popcorn in my Cuisinart Easy Pop and promptly opened up a generic box of Mac N Cheese.  You know, the cheap kind that you can get three for a dollar?

The powder was a little lumpy, so I put some of it in a sieve and starting sprinkling it on the popcorn.

I noticed that the powder was NOT sticking to the popcorn, so I melted some butter.

Poured a little bit of butter onto the popcorn, sprinkled some cheese powder, more butter, then more powder, and kept going till it was just right.

This was truly a forehead slap moment ...  the recipe is simply 9 cups popcorn, 4 T. melted butter and yes, one package of cheese powder from a box.

Now I want to try this flavor ...

What do YOU think??

Easy Cheese-y Popcorn
(4x6 recipe download)    (full page printable recipe)


  1. You can by the cheese powder by Kraft by the pound at many places online. This is one of the cheapest at $6 for a whole pound of it:
    In fact, this has more real cheese in it than the type they package with the macaroni!

  2. Try using the butter flavored micro popcorn, and top with dry parm/romano when warm. You can also use the shredded if you do not want the powder.


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