8 Can't Find It? Harmons to the Rescue!

I needed some red, white and blue sprinkles to decorate some star sugar cookies for a pack meeting tonight.

Where in the world am I going to find these colors after the Fourth of July??


All you need to do is go up to the gal at the Bakery counter and ask.

"Oh, sure ~ we can do that! Do you want the colors all mixed together or separate?"

Together, please.

"It will be $2.99 for 8 oz.  Is that o.k.?"


Harmon's is great for fulfilling special requests. 

When my grapes were ripe and I needed 2 quart bottles STAT.... Harmons gladly sent in a special order and I got my bottles right away, at no extra cost.

I needed a prime rib roast in June.  The prime rib steaks were on sale and not only did Harmons give us a roast at the steak price, they prepped it for easier cutting AND seasoned it, for no extra charge.

I needed 2 T. of sesame seeds to top some hoagie buns.  I couldn't bring myself to pay top dollar for a large bottle of sesame seeds that I wouldn't use, so I asked the sweet gal at the bakery and guess what?

She sold me 2 T. of sesame seeds for twenty-five cents.

Thank you, Harmons, for great customer service and for coming to my rescue!

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