0 Loaf Pans: What kind? What size?

This is an important question because the type of loaf pan you bake your bread in makes a huge difference! The difference is the result you get in your crust. If you use a glass, disposable aluminum or shiny new metal pan (the kind you can see yourself in), you will get a pale, oily crust. The best pans are the ones that are dark metal pans or the dull aluminum pans. Those will give you a uniform crust that will match the top of your bread.

What size? That is a matter of preference. The two common sizes are 9x5 (large) and 8x4 (medium). I like the medium size because when sliced, they happen to fit in my toaster (without the bread sticking out at the top) and they fit nicely in a Ziploc sandwich bag. You may use larger or smaller loaf pans...just be aware of the ratio of dough to the pan. Your dough should fill half of the pan and rise approximately 1" above the rim to create a nice, balanced shape.


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