0 Why I Make Bread

I grew up watching my mom make bread by hand in her large green Tupperware bowl. I distinctly remember the aroma of freshly baked bread in the house. Bread is truly a comfort food; thickly sliced, with butter, and drizzled with honey. Divine! My father and I would often compete for the first slice...the crust.

Thanksgiving also brought memories of rolls. My grandmother would put her baked homemade rolls in a large brown paper sack and warm them in her oven. Gotta have warm rolls at the table! My mom carried on the tradition of making Parker House style rolls, cut with a round cookie cutter, one end dipped in butter, and folded in half. Yum! Early in my marriage, I learned how to make rolls and soon became the "designated" roll maker for family gatherings. That is quite an honor.

Making your own bread is definitely cheaper than buying store bought bread...besides, it tastes better! A neighbor of mine estimated that it costs her less than .50 a loaf. Pretty good, considering all natural, 100% whole wheat bread is usually over $3 a loaf!

There is something therapeutic about shaping and rolling out a really good bread dough. It's like the world's best play dough. There is great satisfaction in knowing what goes into your bread, the natural ingredients, the time, the smells, and the looks of joy on the faces of those who eat my bread.

So, give me a slice of hot homemade bread, and I'm happy!


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