2 Chicken Noodle Soup for My Soul

My husband and youngest son have left for a week...with my one and only camera! I am unable to take any pictures this week, but I found one of my earlier pictures of one of my favorite soups.

I love chicken noodle soup with thick, home style noodles. I also love chunks of carrots and other veggies with it. This recipe calls for canned tomatoes, which I am sure would be good, but my family does not like chunks of tomatoes in their food.

The McCormick Chicken base (16 oz. for only $2.99 at Costco) makes a very good chicken broth for this soup.

I also learned how to can chicken. I borrowed a friend's pressure canner and processed 40 pounds of chicken. My house smelled like chicken for two days. I put my very first jar of canned chicken in this soup recipe and it turned out great!

Chicken Noodle Soup
Adapted from Better Homes & Gardens
(4x6 printable recipe) (full page recipe)


  1. Oh yum - this looks so hearty and comforting. I love homemade chicken noodle soup. Do you make your own homemade noodles?

  2. I used to make my own noodles, but the thick ones took forever to dry out for storage. I sneak out and buy the Costco ones...shhhh..don't tell anyone!


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