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Poppy Seed CakeThis is my husband's favorite cake. I bake it for his birthday and he makes it several times a year when he craves the moist yellow cake with the crunchy bits of poppy seeds.

My mom showed me her recipe book and pointed to a poppy seed cake recipe.

"Is that your recipe?" she asked.

After scanning the recipe and seeing that it called for sour cream, I said, "No."

"Well, I want your recipe for your poppy seed cake."

There was a time that I asked my mom for her recipes. Now she is asking me for mine.

Well, folks, the recipe actually came from my mother-in-law. I'm not sure where she got it.

I have never been able to successfully frost a bundt cake.

This is what I like to do with this recipe INSTEAD of frosting it.

I slather lots of butter/margarine inside the bundt pan. Fill every nook and cranny.

It's important.

Then I take a cupful of granulated sugar and coat the inside.

Turn it round and round.

Cover every nook and cranny.

It's important.

You want it to totally cover your pan, glistening everywhere.

Why? It releases your cake from the pan...


it gives a nice sugar coating/crunch to the outside of your cake!

This batter is basically a yellow cake mix that has a small package of vanilla instant pudding in it, 4 eggs, 1/2 c. vegetable (I use canola) oil, 1 c. water and 1/4 c. poppy seeds.

Although, I don't use that many poppy seeds...

I use only 2 T.
That's the joy of baking your own cake. YOU get to decide how much to put in!

I bake it in a 350 degree oven for 40-45 minutes.


This cake doesn't need frosting.

I put a plate on top of the bundt pan and flip it over.

It's hard to capture all its sparkly goodness.

This is a moist cake that is sure to please anyone.

The recipe is now yours, mom.

And everyone else's!


Poppy Seed Cake
(4x6 printable recipe) (full page recipe)


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