9 Cuisinart Baking Sheets Saga

Cuisinart Baking SheetA while back, I raved about these non-stick interior/exterior baking sheets from Cuisinart.

Not any more.

My food is sticking.

Called Cuisinart Customer Service (CCS).

"You need to season the sheets with oil and bake them at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes."

Did that. Twice.

Food is still sticking.

Called CCS. Again.

"Send your baking sheet to us for an evaluation."

Found a box, cut it to fit, and slapped $11.50 for postage.

I even sent a nice letter detailing how I used the pan and what great care I took of it...

Waited four weeks. Got a call from CCS.

"Did you say that you've been baking on the bottom of the pan?"

(I bake on the bottom of my sheets because I have a convection oven. Baking on a sheet with no sides allows the air to circulated around the baked goods, resulting in even browning)

Well, your product clearly states non-stick interior AND exterior.

"We have non-stick pots and pans, but we would never recommend cooking an egg on the bottom of the pan."

Huh? I was so caught off guard by the tone of her voice.

"We will send you a replacement product....Just. this. once."

Again. The tone. Ugghhh.

Okaaay....I was still stunned.

I was upset.

I wanted to eat an entire batch of cake batter.

I wanted to cry.

I wanted to pick up the phone and scream at the rude customer service lady.

Instead, I called CCS back and talked to a different person. I explained that I had spoken with someone (I didn't catch her name) and how unprofessional she was.

"I'm sorry that happened to you. It says here that you will received a replacement product."

What about all my other baking sheets? (I had three others)

"You'll have to send those in as well for an evaluation."

I added up the cost of mailing those heavy sheets, weighed in my experience, and decided that it wasn't worth it.

Four weeks later, I got my replacement sheet in the mail. It looked different.

I turned it over.

The bottom was a different color.

Hmmmm...so they have changed their product!

I put the new sheet inside my older one.

The new one was narrower.


Even the edges of the new sheet looked thinner.

Not as sturdy.

Saw a piece of paper in the box that shipped the new pan.

PLEASE PAY IMMEDIATELY....$7.00 for shipping of product.

Talk about adding insult to injury.


  1. I want to eat an entire batch of cake batter, cry and pick up the phone and scream at the rude customer service lady for you!

  2. I am sorry. Nothing stinks more than a rude customer service agent.

  3. I think I have those same ones and I hate them. I can't get stains off them. Annoying. Not very non-stick.

  4. I should have done what my friend did...take them back to Costco for a full refund~ but I trusted Cuisinart...thought a company would love to have feedback and improve their product.

  5. OMG and they wanted you to pay the shipping as well!! Holy crap, I would tell them to STUFF IT. unreal.

  6. Wow, sure makes you want to think twice before buying their products!
    You mentioned you bought them at Costco, that reminds me of a really funny return thing my mom did to Costco. A few years back she bought a bread maker there, and took it back because it didn't make a full loaf of bread. I kept thinking she meant in the bread pan. She took it back 3 times total, then come to find out, she thought it would make a regular size loaf of homemade bread, like we make in a loaf pan! Oh, my gosh! I couldn't believe her! She gave the 3rd bread machine to Goodwill.

  7. Please pay immediately. Nice. Did you ship me my replacement IMMEDIATELY? No? It took four weeks? Aww, how sad. Maybe you'll get your money in four weeks, jerkwads.

    Maybe they should call it Cuisinart Customer Snideness.

  8. Get Gephardt!!



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