6 BBA: Pita Pockets

The next challenge for the BBA from Pinch My Salt is Lavash Crackers. For some reason, I was not compelled to make them.

On the sidebar of the recipe, Peter Reinhardt discloses that this particular recipe makes an excellent Pita Pocket.

Now, THAT got my attention!

I thought this recipe, although it calls for bread flour, would be an excellent choice to make with freshly milled white wheat.

Freshly milled flour is simply the best.

This "Whisper Mill" (now called a Wonder Mill) has been the best investment I have ever made.

Here is the flour, salt, vital wheat gluten and instant yeast.

The salt and yeast can never be friends.

So don't place them next to each other.

Gave the mixer a whir and poured some canola oil on top.

Usually, I mix all my wet ingredients together and then pour them on top.

I decided to be bold and see what would happen.

Next is the honey. If you measure the oil first, the honey will just slllliiiiiide right out.

Honey and whole wheat are best friends.

They just go together.

A poor shot of the water, but a great one of the dough hook~

Mix it all up till the dough is smooth and cleans most of the bowl.

Let it raise till double.

This recipe made 4 (4oz) pitas.

Just roll each portion into a 7"-8" circle and bake on a hot (500 degree) stone.

And watch the magic happen....

After about 2 minutes, the dough will fully 'poof'.

Count to 10, and then take it out of the oven.

You don't want the tops to brown, or they will 'crack' as they cool and deflate.

Oh, man. These are so soft and so good~ The sandwich possibilities are endless...

They also make a pretty darn good personal pizza crust...


  1. This is an excellent recipe...thanks

  2. Making pita pockets was a great idea! They look delicious!

  3. What a great change of pace! Sounds like they were delicious.

  4. A baking stone is on the Christmas list this year, and I fully intend to make pita bread. I think I may just use this recipe, since I love love love white wheat. The flavor is just awesome. I hate red wheat, it's just so bitter. If I have to eat red wheat in anything, I have to use inordinate amounts of honey or it has to be at least half white just to swallow it. Blech. But white wheat? Mmm, so nutty and sweet. And fresh ground... omg, woman, you must go through tons of the stuff!

  5. Great idea, and one I'm going to steal when I get to this recipe. =) I've made it before, for Daring Bakers, but wasn't that excited about the cracker version. But I bet my girls would love pitas.

  6. Nice pita pockets! I DID make the Lavash crackers, but had some dough left, exactly enough for one pita pocket. I was amazed how good it was! Yum!


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