10 BBA: Potato Rosemary Rolls

This bread, the 28th bread in the Bread Baker's Apprentice challenge from Pinch My Salt, is a bread worth trying out.  I had some left over baked russett potatoes, so I thought I would make this next.
I decided to try some rosemary that I had picked last summer, cleaned, towel dried and vacuum packed in my FoodSaver. 

The rosemary was fresh and fragrant...I was happy my freezer experiment worked!

Peter Reinhart advised restraint with rosemary, so I only put in 1 T. chopped, instead of the full 2 T. called for in the recipe.

The dough came together well.  I thought it was a teeny bit lumpy, but then I realized it was the itsy bitsy pieces of potato.
I shaped them into 2.6 oz balls and was able to form 18 dinner rolls.  The recipe suggests using roasted garlic, but since I did not have any on hand, I used  1 t. of Johhny's Garlic Spread mixed in with some melted butter and brushed it on the tops of the rolls.
Then I sprinkled some Parmesan cheese on top.
The rolls came out beautifully browned with a slightly crispy crust and a tender chewy crumb.  This is not your typical soft, pillowy potato roll.  This is more like the artisan crusty roll that is infused with rosemary and garlic. 
I will definitely be making this again and even adding just a touch more rosemary....maybe the full 2 T. that PR recommends ~


  1. I bought this book, and haven't had time to make anything from it! I have a lot of rosemary growing in my yard. I'd love to try these, so I'll go look up the recipe.

  2. YUM...this was definitely one of my favorites from the book. I really enjoyed the rosemary aroma while they were baking. Yours look great and I like the added parmesan cheese on top. Great idea!

  3. These look great! And if I breath really deep.... I think I smell their wonderful aroma.

  4. Mmmm...I loved this bread! Parmesan cheese on top sounds great!

  5. So, everytime you post a BBA recipe, my mouth starts to water!! Looks so yummy!!

  6. mmmmm. sounds so good, I will have to try this one when I get home! (whatilovewhatido.blogspot.com)

  7. One of my weaknesses is homemade bread. A basket of these rolls and some butter...heaven!

  8. I like the idea with the frozen rosemary. I had some in my backyard that is now all covered with snow. Didn't even think of drying some and putting it in the freezer. How did you vacuum pack it? Is there a special gadget for that?

  9. ap269, I spun-dried my rosemary in my salad spinner, used a FoodSaver machine to vacuum pack it fresh, then freeze it. I have loved this machine and is worth every penny.

    You can always dry your rosemary by hanging bunches from a hanger or basement ceiling. When completely dry, store them in jars or ziploc bags. Just remember to use 2x dried herbs for the amount recipe calls for fresh.

  10. Right after asking my question I realized that you already had given the answer in your post: so I looked up "FoodSaver". This is great, but I guess I'd get into arguments with my hubby about another kitchen gadget ;o). I did conventional herb-drying last year: hanging bunches from a hanger. It worked perfectly, and I thought that especially the thyme was soooooooo much better and more intense than the store-bought kind.


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