5 Chocolate Owls: Suklaa-Polloja and Ski Poles

I found this recipe as a seven year old, while reading a children's magazine.
I showed my mother the recipe and begged her to make it.  It had 5 simple ingredients, required no baking and no cooking.

"Please, mom....can I make this?  Please..."  She reluctantly agreed.

One time making it was all it took.  I was hooked on this rich, buttery, chocolatey, chewy cookie.  So fast and so easy to make...
Fast forward to my college years.  

Once I introduced this recipe to my roommates, there was no turning back.  We made sure we stocked all the ingredients and made this on a regular basis.  We couldn't figure out how to pronounce "Suklaa-Polloja," and one of the roommates nick-named these cookies "Ski Poles."  The name stuck.

Fast forward to my early married years. 

Any time my new hubby and I had a disagreement, we would patch things up by making "Ski Poles."  We haven't made these for awhile....maybe that's a good thing!
Fast forward to last month.

Through the amazing technologies of the Internet and Face Book, I have been reconnected with these wonderful roommates.  While catching up and reminiscing, one gal wrote, "Do you remember Ski Poles? 

That was all I needed.  Ski Poles....
Chocolate Owls (Finnish No Bake Cookie) 
                                          (4x6 printable recipe)     (Full page recipe)                                                   


  1. Awww... I love the name "ski poles!"

    With all the new recipes we bloggers collect daily, it's sometimes so much fun to go back to the ones with sentimental value, don't you think?

  2. That was such a nice story. I needed that smile for the night.

  3. This is the perfect treat for my kids to make each other. And as always so pantry friendly.

  4. That was YOUR recipe? I couldn't remember who's it was! My kids thank you for sharing that recipe with me all those years ago! Those were fun days...

  5. Wow these look fabulous - and what a great way to get you little ones into the kitchen cooking.

    Thanks for sharing this simple yet fabulous idea!



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