5 Chocolate Owls: Suklaa-Polloja and Ski Poles

I found this recipe as a seven year old, while reading a children's magazine.
I showed my mother the recipe and begged her to make it.  It had 5 simple ingredients, required no baking and no cooking.

"Please, mom....can I make this?  Please..."  She reluctantly agreed.

One time making it was all it took.  I was hooked on this rich, buttery, chocolatey, chewy cookie.  So fast and so easy to make...
Fast forward to my college years.  

Once I introduced this recipe to my roommates, there was no turning back.  We made sure we stocked all the ingredients and made this on a regular basis.  We couldn't figure out how to pronounce "Suklaa-Polloja," and one of the roommates nick-named these cookies "Ski Poles."  The name stuck.

Fast forward to my early married years. 

Any time my new hubby and I had a disagreement, we would patch things up by making "Ski Poles."  We haven't made these for awhile....maybe that's a good thing!
Fast forward to last month.

Through the amazing technologies of the Internet and Face Book, I have been reconnected with these wonderful roommates.  While catching up and reminiscing, one gal wrote, "Do you remember Ski Poles? 

That was all I needed.  Ski Poles....
Chocolate Owls (Finnish No Bake Cookie) 
                                          (4x6 printable recipe)     (Full page recipe)                                                   

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