8 Shredded Beef Enchiladas

As I was looking through my food storage, I noticed something was terribly lacking.
I had plenty of fruits, veggies, grains, and baking supplies.  Protein?  Meat?  Hmmmmm.
I see peanut butter and tuna fish.  Did you know that tuna fish has a shelf life of only 2 years?  Yikes.  I was in trouble...

Sadly, we are not a bean-loving family.  I couldn't imagine, in an emergency, living off of peanut butter and tuna fish.  Ughhhhh.

I saw this at Costco and decided to give it a try.  To see if my family even liked it.
My motto has always been...."Store what you eat.....Eat what you store."

Upon opening the can, I was pleasantly surprised to see whole chunks of beef, very little fat, and some broth.

I found a small can of diced green chiles and decided to try my hand at making beef enchiladas.
I threw 2 cans of beef, drained along with 1 can of the chiles.  I added dark chili powder...
garlic powder,
and a little bit of my Homemade Enchilada Sauce.  You can see how easily this beef shredded.
Stirred everything well and heated it till warmed throughout.

I poured a thin layer of enchilada sauce into a 9x9 pan

and warmed up my flour tortillas by putting them on a plate, covered with plastic wrap, microwaved for about a minute.

I put a generous portion of the meat onto the bottom half of the flour tortilla

and rolled it tightly.

I put the rolled enchilada seam side down, into the enchilada sauce.
I repeated the process until I had 6 large enchiladas filling the pan.  I covered the enchiladas with the remaining Enchilada Sauce.
You want to make sure the sauce covers every little bit of flour tortilla, to keep it nice and soft.
Cover with your favorite cheese.  In my case, it is mozzarella.
I baked it for about 20-25 minutes, until the cheese was slightly browned and bubbly.
These were a generous size.  My boys ate about 1 1/2 of these...
The verdict?  A very tasty, beefy enchilada.  I thought they were good, although they were a wee bit on the salty side.  I think I will rinse and drain the beef the next time.  
I'm more of a chicken enchilada gal, but I'll happily serve these to my beef-lovin' men!
Shredded Beef Enchiladas  (4x6 printable recipe)  (full page recipe)


  1. Whenever I hear food storage, I always get a little terrified. I need to work on mine, and this actually is doable in my work. Looks good too!

  2. Costco has some of the best stuff - and I agree that rinsing the beef would be a great idea.

    I love enchiladas - and I'm off to see your recipe for enchilada sauce.

  3. Hey that looks really great. I have to eat more red meat during the week so here's a great way to incorporate it. I want to invite you to come check out my blog. It's all about healthy nutritional eating


  4. I know that some people turn up their noses at canned meat but my family has been canning beef for years. It's great to have on hand for those last minute meals like beef and noodles, or beef vegetable soup. My pantry wouldn't be without it.

    Also...if I recall correctly, you hate handling raw meat so this is perfect for you....LOL

    Your enchiladas look delicious!

  5. Yep I love Costco's roast beef and I always stock up on it for my food storage. It makes great chimis too.

  6. QUESTION....Did you recently buy the canned beef at Costco, or was it cans from your food storage? I love the Kirkland Canned Roast Beef, too, but my Costco (Sandy,UT) stopped carrying it a couple of years ago, I have since checked in 2 other Costco locations in SLC, and they didn't have any either. I asked the manager of of the grocery department in the 21st South location, ,and was told that they don't carry it anymore. I told her that was a shame, because it was an excellent product! I'm hoping that you recently bought it, and that they have started carrying it again! If you did recently purchase it, what location did you buy it at? (I have moved from Sandy, but will drive a distance to get more of this stuff!)

  7. Cindi, this canned beef was a little over a year old. I'm bummed that you haven't been able to find it! I purchased mine from the Sandy location, but you may have some luck in writing a request on those papers that they have at the front of the store. I checked around the web and one thread said that Costco was carrying another brand which did not do well. It looks like I'll have to can my own in the meantime~

  8. I was so-o-o-o hoping that they started selling it again. :(

    I was in SLC today, and checked Costco again. They didn't have any brand of canned roast beef at all. I just sent an email to Costco Customer Service asking about it, and requesting that they bring it back. Who knows!

    I may have to invest in a pressure canner, and try my hand at canning my own beef, too! I'd really like some meat other than canned chicken & tuna in my food storage.

    Thanks for your answer.


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