6 Computer Woes Continue...

So sorry I haven't posted a recipe for awhile.  My computer got attacked.  Again.
This time, it doesn't seem to be as serious, thanks to my "in-house" computer techie.  

He says the source of my virus is a website that put an 'ad' on my computer that falsely "warns" me that I might have a virus, hoping that I will purchase THEIR anti-virus program.  How deceptive.

To be honest, I'm afraid to use my computer again.

I'm seriously considering purchasing another (Mac?) computer that belongs only to me....doesn't get shared by others in my family that unknowingly visit/download stuff from unknown sites.
In the past, computers got 'viruses' to corrupt information.

Nowadays, they get 'malware' or 'spyware' to STEAL information.

Yep, I backed up all my data.  I've learned my lesson.  

Meanwhile, I've been so happy to see the comments on my GIVEAWAY post...
(keep entering here daily to increase your chances of winning...you don't have to refer a friend; just leave a comment)

I've learned that I'm not alone ~ others have lost precious data, and family members close to them from ALS.  

Thanks for the sweet comments....and referrals to my blog. 

An added bonus is that those who are being referred to my blog are bloggers that I am also interested in following!  What a sweet world the blogosphere is ~



  1. That is no fun. I'm sorry. While you go through your computer woes...I'll be waiting for more delicious photos!! =)

  2. I hear you! I really don't want anyone to use my new computer at all because Iknow where I have been on it. I get myself in enough trouble on my own. My old one got so bogged down it was impossible to do anything on it. Hope all goes well.

  3. Sorry to hear about your computer problems - I went through it TWICE last year, so I know just how you feel.

  4. Frieda, I'm so sorry that your woes continue. How frustrating! I finally had to ban my son from using my laptop, because he kept downloading viruses. I'm a PC user, but whatever you decide-- are you considering a laptop? I sure love mine, and will never use a desktop again! I'm so glad more people are finding your blog. You have such great tips to share, great recipes-- plus, I think you're a sweetheart!

  5. Wanted to let you know I was so sorry to hear about all that was lost on your computer! What a shame!
    I have so appreciated getting to know you...you are a wonderful gal. Thanks for all of the tips you have given me! I appreciate it so very much!
    Have a great day Frieda. Hope things look up soon.

  6. Your posts are worth waiting for - no worries! We'll keep coming back!


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