4 Eggland's Best Eggs Review

As part of the FoodBuzz Tastemaker program, I receive opportunities to try different products.  I was excited to try these eggs and see what was so special about them, other than its distinctive EB stamp...

The cover on the eggs pretty much say it all...the nutrition in the egg is a direct result of what is fed to the hens.  I know I can use more Omega 3's in my diet ~

One of these eggs is not like the other...which one is the Eggland's Best?

The egg on the left is a local store brand egg.  The one on the right is Eggland's.  Definitely a larger, darker egg yolk and more egg white.  A darker yolk is typically seen in a farm fresh egg.  It looks like you get more egg for your buck~

But how do they taste?  I used the eggs in omelettes, waffles, and cheesecake.

Omelettes were light and fluffy and full of flavor....

the waffles were light, airy, and crispy...

and the cheesecake was creamy and packed full of cheesy flavor.

The only downside was trying to find a store that carried these eggs.  Hopefully, that will be changing.  Thanks FoodBuzz and Eggland's Best!


  1. Frieda I <3 Eggland's Best...besides WholeFoods Eggs those are the only ones I use!

  2. These are pretty much the only eggs we use. I live in Utah too, and I have found them at Fresh Market (the old Albertsons) and at Target.

  3. I love Eggland's Best but the price compared to the store brand... wowzers! And we eat so many eggs!

  4. Very interesting this whole egg thing. Thanks for the post on this brand. I've been using brown eggs to support local farmers lately, maybe I should be looking into these.


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