3 And the Winner Is.... (This Giveaway is Closed)

Thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway.  Thank you to those who referred their friends.  Thank you for your kind comments.
I put the numbers into Random.org and the lucky winner is....
Comment number 7!

Okay...gotta go back to my blog and find comment number seven....looking,  looking, oh, here it is!

Cristie said...
I have visited your blog several times and love it! Barbara of BarbaraBakes directed me here tonight and my goodness what a terrible thing to have happened to your computer. I had to get a new hard drive in 2009 and it was a mess recovering all the data even with my son who is also a wiz at all things computer. I will be inviting Bonnie of City Home/Country Home to see your beautiful site.
Congratulations, Cristie!  Now, I'm gonna scroll down my comments and see if Bonnie left a comment....yup, she did!

Bonnie said...
I was so touched by your post today. I have one close friend who died from AlS two years ago and another in the last stages now. It is a horrible disease and having seen it very close up, I am so grateful for my health and that of my family. Cristie referred me. Someone else in my life whom I am grateful for. Here's wishing you a better year.
Congratulations to you both!  Email me your info to friedalovesbread@gmail.com  and I will get your lovely kitchen gadgets in the mail asap!


  1. How fun that Cristie and Bonnie won! It's almost as good as winning myself!

  2. Barbara, thank you so much for your readership and for referring Cristie to my blog...what a fun circle of blogger we have!

  3. Thank you Freida for the fun gift! I can't remeber the last time I won something, so this is a special surprise. Thank you, thank you!


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