9 Beef Steak Stroganoff: Using My Canned Beef!

I'm standing in the kitchen, looking at my oldest son, who is wondering what's for dinner.

"How does stroganoff sound?"

He immediately pulls a face..."Uh.....mmmmm....(mumbling something about a box).... 

Oh, honey, it's not coming from a BOX.  It's going to be better.  It's HOMEMADE.  I'm using REAL beef (holding up my canned beef).

Uh....mmmmm...I don't know.....

I had to think fast.  Up the ante.

I'll even put it on HOMEMADE noodles.....


He still didn't sound sure, but I went ahead anyway.

I'm glad I made this recipe.  Thanks to Norah's Recipes, it was the BEST stroganoff we have ever had.  

No box.  No canned cream of something or other.  

The REAL DEAL.  Ready?  Here's what I did:

Scraped the semi-solid fat from the top.

There was only a small amount.

Drained the broth.  

Looks like a little over 1/2 cup.

Set this aside.

Dumped my meat out.


Wiped a tear.  


Made some chicken broth with McCormick's Chicken base...

Added it to the beef broth with brown sugar...

Squeezed in some tomato paste.

Yeah, you heard me right.  Squeezed.  

This lovely tube of tomato paste was given to me by Norah.

Yeah, of Norah's Recipes!  Thanks, Norah!

Ooooh.....just had an idea of what to do with the left over tomato paste.

Stay tuned for a kitchen tip....

Added all purpose flour.

I can do this because the broth is cold....

Stirred out all the lumps...

cooked it until it was nice and bubbly.
Tossed in some mushrooms.

These have been pre-cooked and kept in my freezer.

Added sour cream and beef.

Stirred until warmed through.

Served over hot, buttered homemade noodles.

Look at this piece of tender meat....

I can't wait to make this again ~

Beef Steak Stroganoff

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