0 Kitchen Tip: Keeping Food Cold in the Car in the Summer

Have you ever gone to the store and upon your return home, the milk was warm, the whipping cream sour, the shredded cheese and the chocolate chips melted?

I have.  Well, no more!  Thanks to an ingenious tip from my mom, I keep an insulated cooler in the trunk of my car.

I picked up this insulated cooler years ago at Costco.  I love the fact that it is collapsible and doesn't take up much space, yet large enough to pack a picnic for four and keep it cold for hours.

Not only does this bag hold two gallons of milk, there is room enough for a large bag of shredded cheese.

You can even put a carton of eggs on top with room to spare.

So here's to keeping food cold and to helping the environment ~

Thanks, Mom!


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