5 Kitchen Tip: Cleaning Oven Racks

When I have a new appliance, I like to keep it looking as new as I can.  Our smoker has only been used a couple of times and I wanted to keep the racks looking clean.

I think the method I used did a great job on these racks!

This is the crusty, stuck on black gunk, enameled smoker drip pan.

I folded two sheets of paper towel and poured about 1 cup of straight ammonia into the pan.

I decided to put my oven racks, along with the newer smoker racks, into a large garbage sack.

Put the ammonia filled pan on top of the dirty racks...

and tied it shut with a rubber band.

Left the bag OUTSIDE overnight.  The ammonia fumes should do their magic...

Then it snowed.  I didn't get to them for 2 days.

The enameled pan came wiped out easily and ended up looking very clean!

I think I will cover this with aluminum foil for next time.

I wiped the smoker racks with a damp cloth and they came out shiny and new!  You can see on the top how black they used to be ~

Here'e my oven rack, before it got the ammonia treatment...

I have to admit, it's been over 5 years since I cleaned them...

Here it is, after.

Not shiny and new, but a little cleaner...

I have a self cleaning oven, which recommends NOT to leave them in during the cleaning cycle.  The self cleaning cycle will strip the chrome off, leaving the racks dull and lifeless.  Not a big deal, but it will be more difficult to slide the racks into your oven.

I need one more trick to see if I can get my oven racks clean.  Cleaner.....

Do you have any brilliant ideas?


  1. Thank you for this tip! I'm not a fanatic when it comes to oven cleaning but when I do clean it, I always take the racks out per the oven's instructions. Now I know how to clean the racks too!

  2. The racks are so hard to clean. I think I'll take a tip from your book and do it this way next time, which needs to be soon! Thanks.

  3. I just got a tip for cleaning oven racks from "One Good Thing By Jille" and it worked like a charm.
    You put your oven racks/grill racks in a bath tub. Add hot water, 10 dryer sheets, let sit over night - and voila - the just wipe clean.

    1. Thanks for another tip ~ I'll have to try it!

    2. I just tried the fabric dryer sheet method and it did get off about 80% of the gunk on my oven racks with some scrubbing. It has been over two years since I have cleaned them and this method may work 100% for lightly soiled oven racks. I've put the racks back into the garbage bag with a paper towel soaked in ammonia out in the garage to remove the rest of the grime.


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