14 Biggest Loser Mint Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt Review

Would you tell someone that they had food stuck in their teeth?  Or if they had food on their shirt?  Would you tell a complete stranger in the store if their fly was unzipped?

I would.

While searching the Internet for frozen yogurt recipes, I came across the one that was featured on the Biggest Loser t.v. show.  The recipe can be found HERE.

Each contestant listed their favorite food and a chef came and made it healthy for them.

I thought this would be perfect, as ice cream is my husbands favorite food ~

The recipe calls for FAGE yogurt, a type of Greek yogurt.

I used my homemade yogurt with skim milk and this is my result:

A slightly thinner yogurt, but otherwise good for a smoothie or ice cream.

It calls for gelatin, which is sprinkled over part of the skim milk.

Easy enough...

Then Splenda is poured over the rest of the skim milk, and heated over medium-high heat, stirring frequently.

When the mixture is boiling (uh....this foamed up very quickly!)

you pour it over gelatin/milk mixture.

Two drops of green food coloring and 5 drops of peppermint OIL were added.  (Recipe calls for 1/4 t. peppermint extract).

The recipe did not say to chill the mixture, but I put it in the fridge for four hours.  It thickened nicely.  With a quick whisk, it was poured into my ice cream maker.

When it was almost finished, some mini-chocolate chips were added.

The ice cream nearly overflowed, so I added the rest of the chips in by hand.


The ice cream was rock hard (due to the high water content), so I had to thaw it out a little.

While it was creamy, pepperminty, not too sweet, and had the right amount of chocolate chips, something was off.

As is "after taste" off. 

The only changes I made to the recipe was using my homemade yogurt and using oil instead of extract.  Hmmmmm...

This was one of those recipes that I debated....Do I post?  Do I not post?

I asked hubby and he said, "Do not post it."

Sorry sweetie, but I'm posting it, 'cause I want other people to know ~

I like making recipes that have been made and have a REVIEW.  While I found this recipe on a couple of sites, I only found two reviews.

Diets in Review

Another blogger made this recipe and changed by adding Stevia and granulated sugar in place of the Splenda.

Could it be the Splenda?  I'm not sure.

Is this worth making?  Not in my book.  My family, however, raved about the Chocolate Frozen yogurt, which I will be making again.   As for a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, I trust David Lebovitz...


  1. First of all, I pick at my own teeth when I see someone having something stuck in their teeth. Is it a hint or nervousness on my part, I have no idea.

    Secondly, I think it was the Splenda that turned you guys off to this recipe. I think that Splenda is fine for some things, but for ice cream... come on! I guess if I'd be a Biggest Loser contestant I'd just give up ice cream or eat it very rarely.

  2. Frieda, it is always so disappointing when something doesn't turn out so hot! I never post unless I love it...even though MY husband sometimes says to post. But, if I did post something I didn't like, I would tell. Interesting post. Joni

  3. Mags, I would definitely take that as a hint~ I'm just that way. I think you're right about the Splenda ~ It's great in a lemonade drink or in cheesecake, but iffy in cookies that need to be crispy. I think the heat (boiling in the milk) gave it an 'off' taste.

    Joni, I always post what I love, but I thought I would post this and give people a 'heads up.' If if was one of my own recipes that was an epic fail, I wouldn't post it~ I love your honesty!

  4. I always prefer stevia over splenda.
    Natural vs created always wins in my book.
    I have not tried this recipe so I have no comment on what i might try to make it better or different I do know that if you put to much peppermint you will get an after taste - so maybe that was it?

  5. I like how you say "natural vs created" wins! Do you have any experience with peppermint oil? I looked online for an equivalent (1/4 t. oil=1 t. extract) and I only put in 5 drops (1/16t.)....

  6. The equivalent does look very high! I have never used mint oil but as I am researching how to make it for when and if my plants ever get growing I will keep you in mind.

  7. Fun post... I was wondering where the "food in the teeth" connected to the story... pretty clever ;-)

    I've been debating whether to post a recipe that seemed awesome on paper, but was disappointing to us. After reading your post, I might just blog about it, real life has ups and downs, why not food blogs?

    by the way, nice to "meet" your blog, just found it today through Farina's

  8. Sally, Welcome to my blog ~ Nice to meet you, too! Yes, why not blog about recipes that haven't turned out so great? We could all learn from each other's experiences...

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. I like it when people blog about things that didn't work. I feel better about my failures when I know that I'm not the only one who makes bad food upon occasion.

  11. i'm glad you posted this. And yeah, I think it's the splenda.

  12. Hi. I'm glad you posted the review, because now others know it's not worth making. Thanks for sharing your experience and for trying this recipe.

  13. I've noticed Splenda does have an aftertaste. My dad's diabetic so we used to make him apple pies that only he would eat because of the awful aftertaste. I guess if you can't have sugar at all, it's worth it, but I avoid anything Splenda like the plague because of the odd aftertaste.

  14. Splenda leaves me with a nasty aftertaste. I can tell when anything has been made with Splenda. I avoid it at all costs.


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