3 Kitchen Tip: Green Bananas

Got a killer deal on these bananas at .18 cents a pound.

What do I do to ripen bananas?

Add an apple to a banana in a paper sack, and you'll have ripe bananas in a day or so.

What do I do when I have an abundance of over ripe bananas?

I mash 'em and put them in the freezer for Banana Bread. 

What do you do with your bananas?

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  1. I like my bananas cold and just slightly green, so once they're as ripe as I want, I put them in the fridge! Despite popular belief, they don't turn brown for about a week, and even then they stay at the same point of ripeness for nearly a month.

  2. I like my bananas slightly on the unripe side. Hubby likes them ripe. And when they're over ripe, I freeze them whole and in their peels in a freezer bag.

  3. It's not often we have leftover bananas. We literally go thru 2-3 bunches a week! BUT when we do happen to have brown icky ones, I peel them, wrap 'em up in plastic wrap in groups of 2-3 so they're ready for bread making. I can't stand the mess they make when the peels are left on in the thawing process.


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