5 Sorry!

Dear Readers,

I have been tweaking my feeds today. 

If you got a picture of a chocolate doughnut with some gobble-dy gook text, ignore it.

Well, drool over the doughnut, but ignore the text.

It was just a test.

I wanted to test out the "partial feeds" option on Feedburner and I'll tell ya, I DID NOT LIKE IT! 

Not one bit, no-sir-ee.

You deserve the full post, pictures and all.


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  1. I love that you don't believe in partial feeds! They are so irritating.

    By the way I learned a nifty trick where you can put a link to your comments in the feed - so people who use google reader have something to click on to comment. It's here:


  2. There's so much to learn about feeds, tweeting, facebook, etc, it's hard to keep it all straight! You're ages ahead of me...

  3. I've been playing with the Jump Points in my blog, and trying to decide if it's a good thing or a bad thing. My husband loves it, busy as he is he doesn't always want to see the entire post step by step directions. On the other hand, I rather like seeing the whole thing. Do you simply not like how the one you are using works, or the general idea?

  4. Thank you. I don't like partial feeds, either. I missed out on the doughnut, but that might be a good thing!

  5. Hi Frieda! I came to see your site from Foodbuzz. You know we already have one thing in common. I'm CRAZY about bread too. Not just bread, but I'm in love with really really good bread. I don't have time right now with two kids besides cooking dinner, but one day I really want to make bread on my own. It's so hard to get good bread in stores and San Francisco (where I live) have some famous bakeries but it's not everywhere... I need one right next to my house! I'll come back again and I look forward to your homemade bread!


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