3 Wickkid Chowdah!

In college, I had a roommate from Boston.  Excuse me....ahem....."Bahstahn."  I loved getting to know her, listening to her accent and trying to figure out what she was saying.  I was surprised to find out that she never even got a driver's license ~ Why? Nobody in her family drove a caah in Bahstahn.  A caah?  Yes, a car.  Public transportation was the way to get around there.

If my roommate were here, this is how she may describe this post...

Good mawnin' !  Wanna try a wicked chowdah

Chowdah is even bettah with this:  Bacon!  A cuppa strips is all ya need....

Cut up some onions and veggies with a shaaahp knife and cook 'em in a lil' bit of bacon fat....

clam juice helps flavuh and cook the veggies...

In anuthu pan, melt the buttah and add flour... (I used I Can't Believe It's Not Butter)

and cook it for a cuppa minutes....(takes the raw flour taste out)

Whisk in half-n-half cream till smooth and as thick as ya want...

(I used fat-free half-n-half cream...hubby'll never notice the difference!)

Love, love using my bottled potatoes....saves time!

Add milk mixtah with salt and peppah...

and a dash of red wine vinegah...Yum!

Add the steamers (clams) just before serving...

Oh, baby!

Hubby loves clam chowdah with sourdough bread....

and dunk it!

Hubby says this is the BEST clam chowder he has EVER had!

Or as my roommate would say,  "it's Wikkid Chowdah!"

Wicked Clam Chowder
(4x6 recipe download)     (full page printable recipe)

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My post was created as part of the Denny's and/or Foodbuzz BACONALIA challenge and is an entry for a chance to win


  1. Love it... and who says YOU don't have the same great accent! Fun post!

  2. haha I love your "accent"! I've always loved the east coast accent! That chowda looks amazing... especially with sourdough bread. I can't get enough of that. Perfect combo.

  3. Yum, yum, droolllllll..


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