8 Costco Rotisserie Chicken Breast ~ Ready to Use!

I need chicken breasts for my Asian Chicken Salad wraps, and I needed them STAT.

I had a difficult time finding the frozen variety; besides, I didn't have time to thaw the chicken.  Of course, there were the breaded, nugget variety, but I wanted simple, plain, REAL chicken ...

Sure, there were fresh, fajita style chicken strips available, but they were pricey and had flavor ... think spicy, peppered, and terriyaki.

I spied the hot, Costco rotisserie chicken ... 

Hmmmm.... I could take it home and rip it apart, but this salad is better with cold chicken.

I glanced around and saw that Costco makes Chicken Noodle soup, Chicken pot pies, Chicken Salad, and ... bam ... I got an idea.

I asked the two gentlemen working the rotisserie counter, "Do you have any rotisserie chicken already cut up, ready to go?"

Sure we do!  They are in bags and weigh about 3 pounds.  How many do you want?

So that's what they use in all those chicken meals ~ cold, ready to use rotisserie chicken!

All white meat, ready to chop and use, and pretty darn tasty, too!  Think of what you can make:
 ... and much, much more!

What are you waiting for? 

These are not found in the deli or refrigerated section.  You'll have to smile, bat your eyelashes and sweetly ask for it at the rotisserie counter.

You'll be glad you did!


  1. I love how you ask, and get what you ask for...Just wish I got to watch you "smile, bat your eyelashes and sweetly ask". --Lars

  2. My mom's fridge is never without a Costco chicken. I always use them for chicken noodle soup and taco soup. I bet they use them in their Caesar salad too.

    So thanks for the tip!

    Next I want to try this curry chicken recipe someone else blogged about

  3. Janet, curry chicken sounds good, right now! Thanks for the link!

  4. I'm behind on getting through my emails...Thank you for letting us know this. I will go to Costco after work and use your strategy......

  5. Well, the guy from the meat dept that I talked to at our Costco says they don't sell it. :o(

  6. Susan, I'm sorry! I've emailed Costco for more info...

  7. I just bought some at our Costco here in Wesley Chapel, FL on Sunday.

  8. I just bought some at our Costco in Wesley Chapel, FL this past Sunday.


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