3 Matchstick Carrots: Pressure Cooker Style

We had our church Christmas party last week.  There was only one sign up for the food:  baked potatoes.

Church members were encouraged to bring a side dish: salads or veggies.

No desserts.

No rolls.

These things, plus the main dish were to be provided.


No rolls? 

I racked my brain to figure out what I could make ... in less than an hour.

It was cold outside and I didn't feel like running out to the store to buy anything, so I opened up the fridge to see what I had on hand.

In the bottom veggie drawer was a bag of carrots.

Immediately, my electric pressure cooker came to mind.  Cooking veggies in a pressure cooker is QUICK and easy peasy.

Let me show you how.

Peel, wash, and cut your carrots.

Dump them into the pressure cooker.

Add 1/4 c. water (the book says to add 1/2 cup, but I've found that 1/4 c. works better).

Close the lid, set the pressure on HIGH, and the timer for 3 minutes.

I love my electric pressure cooker.  I can truly "set it and forget it."  In using my pressure cooker, I have come to appreciate its safety features:  too much liquid, it will shut off.  Too little water, it will shut off.  You can't open it until the safety valve has gone down.

*BEEP*  It's done!  Use some tongs to release the steam and it is ready ~ almost.

A little butter, brown sugar and salt is all it needs to be the perfect side dish.

All done in under 15 minutes!

Cool, huh?

Pssssst....I've seen this pressure cooker at Costco for $69....(cheaper in the warehouse) which is a great price!  How about putting it on your Christmas list?


  1. Hi Frieda, I bought this pressure cooker last year after reading your posts. Have you seen it in the warehouse this year? I have not seen it my Costco and would love to have another one. I just love it.

  2. Bonnie, I saw it in the Sandy Costco just last week, but then, who knows how long they last on the shelves? If you don't see it at your local Costco, ask one of the workers to look it up on their database to see if it is located anywhere else. That's how I found a tv stand that was sold out in Sandy, but was available in SLC. Good luck!

  3. Ebay also has the Montel Williams for I think about $49 or $59 and I love it


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