2 Hassleback Potatoes with Herb Sour Cream

This is a potato that makes a great presentation. These baked potatoes were poplularized in the Hasslebacken Hotel in Stockhom, Sweden.  If you love crispy roasted potatoes, you will enjoy this side dish.

The important things to remember are to not slice all the way through the potato, and to watch it as it bakes, or the garlic will burn....

The recipe uses a tip to use a wooden spoon to slice the small potatoes and wondered how I would be able to slice these Costco sized potatoes ~

Then I remembered that my marble rolling pin had a wooden holder/stand.


Start slicing in the middle of the potato, working toward the ends.

You can brush, drizzle or toss your potatoes in any variety of melted butter, olive oil and spices. 

I baked this potato at 400° for one hour ~ definitely too long and burned my garlic.  I think 45 minutes would be plenty.

The herbed sour cream was really good, definitely worth making again.  I served this with a T-bone steak, topped with bernaise sauce.

Hassleback Potatoes & Herb Sour Cream
(4x5 recipe download)     (full page printable recipe)


  1. Let's just say that those potatoes are FABULOUS! hugs from the WEST PORTICO, P

  2. Oh boy, I am in trouble now, found a blog that is dear to my heart. BREAD! I know I love it. But only eat it now on special occasions.

    This potato looks interesting and will have to try this.

    Will be back for more.


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