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I got another opportunity to visit the Roll Up Cafe located at 1605 South State in Orem.  They serve a variety of main dishes and desserts. This time, a group of bloggers were treated to a variety of desserts that they offer.

We tried three of their "shooter sized" milkshakes, Nutella, Peanut Butter and I can't remember the third one. These are not your typical thick style milk shakes, but they are full of flavor. My favorite is still the Nutella.

Here are three of their most popular crepes:

The Single:  Cinnamon, sweet cream, and caramel sauce
The Molten Lava: Chocolate crepe with spiced chocolate pudding
The Bachelorette: White chocolate mousse with raspberries

My faves were the Single and the Molten Lava.

These crepes are large....you can see by comparing them to the lunch plates we used that these crepes need to be shared. Perfect for sharing with a date!

On the left is the Tinder: Gooey caramel and thick chocolate sauce is drizzled over a warm brownie filled crepe. Yes, you heard right. There is a brownie hiding in that crepe! Paired with vanilla bean ice cream, you get the perfect combo of warm and cold sweetness in every bite.

On the right is the Hopeless Romantic, a blueberry filled crepe covered in raspberry sauce and honey and topped with vanilla bean ice cream. Watch it being made on this video:

Taste Life
Hey guys! This crepe is called "The Hopeless Romantic". It is worth a trip down to the Rollup. It is so good! If you like the vid, share it with your friends, and come in this weekend to give this a try! #crepeslarelife #flippingcrepes #tastelife #chef #provo #crepesarelove #slcfood #orem #slc #dontmissout #icecream
Posted by The Roll Up Cafe on Saturday, May 16, 2015

Again, my favorite was the Tinder. These huge, dessert sharing worthy crepes are only $5!

So take a date and a chance on the new & improved menu at the Roll Up Cafe. You won't be disappointed.

The Roll Up Cafe
M,W,Th 11am-11pm
T,F, 11am-midnight
Sat 9am-midnight
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