2 SIMPLE & Perfect Pressure Cooked Salmon

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I get nervous when cooking fish. I'm terrified that I'll undercook or overcook the fish, resulting in an inedible mass on my plate.  To add to the pressure, some cuts of fish are pretty expensive, and no one wants to ruin an $8 piece of fish.

Wild Coho salmon went on sale at my nearby Harmon's Grocery for $4 for 8 oz. Now what to do with it? How do I cook it? Bake it? Pan fry?

I recently purchased Lorna Sass's Pressure Perfect cookbook, vowing to learn how to pressure cook a variety of foods this summer. I opened it and found this easy, simple, fail-proof recipe for firm-fleshed fish steaks or fillets, such as salmon, cod (scrod) or halibut.

Although fish cooks quickly when baking or pan frying, pressure cooking guarantees a MOIST result. You can cook fish directly on the pressure cooking rack or in a aluminum foil packet.

Wanna know how easy it is?  Here you go...

Spread 1 teaspoon of your favorite mustard on each salmon filet. Dijon or spicy brown mustard is good. Whole grain mustard is even better.

Pour 1 cup water into the pressure cooker. Put trivet or steaming basket into the pressure cooker and place fish on top.

Set pressure cooker on HIGH, set timer or cook fish according to the timer/fish thickness chart:

3/4"    4 min.
1"       5 min.
1 1/4" 6 min.
1 1/2" 7 min.

The thickness of this fish was 1/2", so I set the timer for 3 minutes.

"Quick release" means to quickly cool down the pressure cooker or turn the weight located on the lid to quickly release the steam.

The result? Perfectly cooked, all the way through, piece of salmon. You can season your fish however you want with great results.  Enjoy!

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Brown Mustard Salmon - Pressure Cook
A perfectly moist, tender salmon is cooked in minutes using your pressure cooker. No more worries of drying out an expensive cut of fish!

COOKING CHART - thickness of fish
3/4"   4 minutes
1"      5 minutes
1.25" 6 minutes
1.5"   7 minutes
1. Spread the mustard on the flesh portion of the fish.2. Pour 1 cup of water into the pressure cooker pot. 3. Place the prepared fish on top of the trivet.4. Place prepared fish on top of the trivet.5. Cover, lock the lid into place, and close the pressure valve.6. Select HIGH pressure and set the cook time according to fish thickness using the Cooking Chart, above.Serve & enjoy!
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 2 servings


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