0 Bottles & Labels for Homemade Vanilla Extract

S. Dunow

Ever since my Pressure Cooker Vanilla Extract recipe debuted over a year ago, I am seeing so many creative ways to bottle and label the extract on the Instant Pot Community Facebook page.

I can honestly say that making vanilla extract is very easy. What can be more challenging is finding affordable vanilla beans. Even with the high price of vanilla beans, it can be more economical to make your own extract, knowing exactly what ingredients you are using. Plus, it's fun to make, fun to decorate, and even more fun to give away as gifts!

You can see there are a large variety of glass bottles - They can either be clear or amber color. If you use amber, you can display your vanilla extract on the counter; if you use a clear bottle, you will need to keep it in a dark, cool place in a cupboard. 4, 5, 8 and 16 oz bottles are popular sizes.

You can find bottles at your Dollar Store or repurpose used bottles: root beer, tabasco, and other condiments. Make sure they are clean and sterilized before bottling your extract.

Labels can be custom made with a machine, hand written, or purchased from a local craft store. They can be adhesive stickers/labels or on heavy craft paper using E6000 glue.

If you are inspired by any of these beautiful bottles, feel free to send me your picture and I'll include it in this round up!

C.Reinhart - 100ml (3oz)
Bottles: SKS Bottles & Packaging
Labels: Authentic Heirlooms Custom Labels

J. Harmon
Bottles: 4 oz Amber Glass Bottles

A. Steele
Bottles: Swing Top 16 oz  - Also available at IKEA

The shrink capsules slip onto your capped bottles and with a hair dryer, shrink to fit the bottle.

K. Singer
Bottles: Hobby Lobby
Beans: Ebay

K. Bax
These bottles are so interesting. Almost like the Little Nipper Flask, below.

K. Bryan
Vanilla: Cold Extraction method

C. Birkhead
D. Jasper
Bottles: Clear Glass Woozy Bottles, 5 oz with shrink capsules

J. Carlund
Labels: Hobby Lobby 

J. Deaver
Label Template: ALittleInsanity.com - free vanilla labels and tags. 
Changed the word "vodka" to "bourbon." Used gold metallic paper labels
E6000 adhesive glue - use heavier paper for best results.

J. Harman
Bottles: 4 oz Amber Glass
Labels: Avery Template

K. Reaser
Front: Silver Sharpie, hand written
Back: Craft Stickers

K. Guay
Bourbon Vanilla

M. Cashman
Label: Silhouette CAMEO, "Buttercup" font on adhesive vinyl

W. Wadsworth
This gal used her Silouette CAMEO to print these labels using the "Hello Wedding" font on adhesive vinyl. Tags are printed card stock.

M. Medellin
Bottles: 5 oz Clear Woozy Bottles, with shrink capsules
Labels: Custom made by a friend on a Cricut machine

N. McCrery
Bottles: 4 oz Amber Glass Bottles

T. Smith
T. Rasmussen
Bottles: 4 oz Amber Glass Bottles
Labels: ALittleInsanity.com - free vanilla labels and tags
Vanilla Beans: Ebay.com

W. Johnson
C. Yang


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