1 Instant Pot® VORTEX Air Fryer Unboxing & Test Run VIDEO

Instant Pot has a new toy.....er...cool kitchen tool! Say "Hello" to the Instant Pot Vortex Plus!

If you have ever wanted to know what an air fryer is and what it does, let me tell you.

It is essentially a convection oven, which uses a fan to circulate the air for an even bake and reduce baking times by as much as 30%. This is *not* a pressure cooker, which Instant Pot® is well known for.

This kitchen tool not only air fries, it bakes, roast, toasts, broils, dehydrates and has a rotisserie setting! My convection oven died after 20 years and I haven't replaced it. In the meantime, I'll be playing around with the Vortex Air Fryer until my new oven is installed.

I loved my convection oven. It could do all that the Vortex does, EXCEPT rotisserie. To turn your convection oven into an air fryer, you would need a basket or tray that will allow the air to circulate through your food.

A Test Run is recommended by Instant Pot®. This is simply turning on your air fryer setting, selecting a temp, time, and following the directions on the display, using NO FOOD.

Why do a Test Run?
First, to see if it works and if there are any defects.
Second, to become familiar with the buttons, installing & removing the trays, rotisserie and basket.

You will want to practice installing the basket, using the lift, and removing the door while the Vortex air fryer is turned OFF and COOL.


Outer dimensions: 13"Wx12"Dx14.5"H. It will need at least 5" clearance from the back and top for hot air created by the fan exhaust.

Internal dimensions are 9.5"Dx 10"W. I can fit a 8.5" pie plate, but it touches the door when shut...I'm not sure if that is a good idea. You can fit most any 8" round baking pan or even a 8x5 loaf pan inside.

Baking trays are 10"Wx 9"D I'm sure that there are several toaster oven sized accessories that are available. 

Every new toy comes with it pros & cons, right?  Here are my initial observations, with more to come as I begin to use it for cooking:

Company - Instant Pot® is a reputable company that backs up their products
Cost - I paid $119 at Walmart. It's a good price for the size and what it can do.
Lightweight - about 12-13 pounds, so you can move it
Easy to read display
Basic accessories included & fit inside the fryer for storage
Accessories are dishwasher safe
Cooking & Drip Trays are aluminum, with USDA approved food safe PTFE non-stick coating. They are PFOA free. This PTFE coating can be a CON as well...see below. 
Quiet, compared to my previous air fryer, it sounds the same or is quieter
Heats Quickly - 2-3 minutes to heat to 400°F
One Year Warranty - Instant Pot has great customer service!

Instruction Booklet is not complete. It does say in small print on the cover manual to download, but I totally didn't see it. I highly recommend that you download the FULL instruction booklet from Instant Pot.
  • I received a quick start guide with the Test Run, Safety/Maintenance & Warranty, & Cleaning. booklet. No instructions on how to put together the basket or rotisserie OR how to insert them into the oven. No Recipes, just a cooking timetable chart. 
  • The online manual includes:
    • Product Overview (image of the air fryer & part names)
    • Air Fryer Accessories (images & names)
    • Control Panel (Image & explanation of programs)
    • Display Messages (image)
    • How to Use the Rotisserie Basket & Spit (image assembly)
    • Using the Rotisserie (install in the air fryer & program settings)
    • Removing the Accessory (using the Lift Tool with images)
    • Cooking Tips (helpful tips for success)
    • Troubleshooting
Cooking & Drip trays are PTFE coated. This material is food safe at temps below 570°F. The Vortex air fryer only heats to 400°F. When this material is heated to temps above 570°F, it gives off toxic fumes that can be detrimental to folks with respiratory problems and deadly for birds in particular
  • If this is your situation, I would WAIT until Instant Pot comes out with trays that have a ceramic non stick coating. They have a ceramic non stick cooking insert or their pressure cookers, so it stands to reason (and demand) that they will come out with this product. 
Available only at Walmart. My store (and many others nationwide) did not have them in stock, so ordering needed to be online. I am really hoping that this product will be available on Amazon soon.

Front Glass Door gets VERY Hot! Be extra careful, especially with little kiddos around.

4 lb MAX whole chicken for rotisserie, which can be hard to find. Others have used the ROAST setting for larger 5 lb birds. 

Recommendations for YOU
Register your Instant Pot® air fryer within 30 days for warranty
Download the Full Manual from Instant Pot® before starting.
Wash & dry the trays, basket, and spit accessories before starting.
Watch my video. :-)
Practice inserting/removing the trays, basket and door.  
Do a Test Run
Leave the door open to allow unit to cool
Jump in and try a favorite recipe!

Recommendations for Instant Pot®
Provide a complete manual and include some basic recipes.
Develop ceramic coated trays and/or provide aluminum only trays
Develop a cool glass oven door

This post is not sponsored by Instant Pot®. I purchased my Vortex air fryer and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to show us an introduction to the new Instant Vortex. I look forward to following you further for more tips.


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