6 Salad Tortilla Cones!

Here's my cute friend with her daughter, enjoying a salad cone filled with my Asian Chicken Salad.

A salad cone?

Yes, you heard me.  A salad cone!

I first saw these cones on a river rafting trip in Moab ~ no plates needed.  Just your fingers and a hungry tummy!

Here's how you make 'em:

Start with burrito or extra large sized tortillas (10" or larger) and cut them in half with a pizza cutter or bread knife. 

Holding the cut side down, kinda loosely fold/roll the tortilla in thirds.

Your "cone" is ready to be filled with anything you want!

I found this cone holds just as much filling or more than a whole tortilla would; and it is much easier to fill and eat.

Our cute Japanese teacher enjoying her salad cone!

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