10 Kitchen Tip: Perfect 1/4" Rolled Sugar Cookies ~ Every Time!

My sugar cookie baking life has been forever changed.

First, it was this tip that saved me from rolling out and cutting round sugar cookies.

Now, it is this tip.  I know I saw it somewhere, so I can't take the full credit ~

See those boards on either side?

They are the 21" paint sticks from Home Depot.  They are EXACTLY 1/4" thick, perfect for my sugar cookies!

We didn't see these paint sticks out on the counter ~ it was hubby who asked the Home Depot Paint Guy and he whipped these contractor paint sticks from behind the counter...

If you get the smaller 12" sticks, they are only 1/8" thick and you will have to double them, securing them with rubber bands or gluing them together.

Sand them with 400 fine grit sandpaper to make sure you don't get any slivers ... I plan on putting some mineral oil on these sticks to keep them from drying and warping.

See?  Perfect 1/4" thick cookies.  They will bake evenly ~ no more doughy middles!

What do you think?

Cool, huh?

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