3 Heart Mini Meatloaves

My boys love meatloaf, especially this recipe that calls for a mix of lean ground beef and ground pork. 

The sauce is brushed on top three times during cooking, creating a mouth watering, sweet, tangy, and caramelly glaze.

Yes, I said caramelly.

It is really simple.  Use a large ice cream scoop ... the recipe will make 14 hearts ~ how appropriate for Valentine's day!

I have an aversion to touching raw meat, so I improvised ...

I wasn't sure how the top part of the heart would look after baking (I learned from making heart cookies and heart rolls that I need to exaggerate them, or they'll grow/bake into a blob), so here's what it looks like before cooking.

These are only baked for 20-25 minutes (versus 40-45).

From my heart, to my boy's heart ...


  1. Such a fun Valentine's idea. I don't love touching cold meat either.

  2. Those are adorable and look yummy!! :)

  3. Meatloaf is one of my favorites, and these meatloaf hearts look completely deelish!


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