6 Kitchen Tip: FAST Shredding Pork & Chicken

We smoked a pork shoulder for Father's Day and served them on homemade French bread hamburger buns.  We have always used heat resisant gloves to shred the meat by hand, but I found a new way:

In the Kitchen Aid mixer.  If you have a Bosch, use the wire whisk attachment.

Remove the bone from the meat and any large pieces of fat.  Attach the flat beater to your mixer.

Start your mixer on low, then increase the speed, shredding your meat to the desired texture that you want.

This was so fast, and so easy.  No more handling hot meat with forks or gloves!

Think of all the recipes you can use for shredded meat:  Tacos, tacquitos, enchiladas, or BBQ chicken pizza...

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