0 Sriracha Pineapple Pork Lettuce Wraps

This post brought to you by PeiWei. All opinions are 100% mine.
Pei Wei Asian Diner is owned and operated by P.F. Chang's China Bistro, which tells me that if you eat here, you will get exceptionally fresh food and high quality entrees.  Where else can you taste foods from five different countries? This is not just a Chinese restaurant; you can sample inspired cuisine from Korea, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam, all made with over 35 fresh, hand-cut ingredients.

I love the casual atmosphere of Pei Wei. You can choose to sit at a table, booth, or at the bar and watch the chefs whip up your meal.  You can customize your order to your liking; don't like peppers? Have the chef leave them out. Too spicy? Have them leave the chili oil or chiles out.  Gluten free? There is a wide variety of gluten free and vegetarian dishes available.  Online ordering and take out is also available.
When you enter the restaurant, you are greeted with three large video displays of all their creations. These displays are easy to read, colorful and make it difficult to decide....
I love their lettuce wraps and now there are four to choose from:
Sriracha Pineapple, Korean Steak, Traditional Chicken, and Thai Chicken.

Let's try the newest lettuce wrap on the menu ~ Sriracha Pineapple Pork.  Sriracha is a type of hot sauce named after the coastal city of Si Racha, in Thailand.  It is tangy, sweet, and hot, so if you can handle the heat, this dish is for you!
 photo 42b3a2a9-f6dc-4a02-be4c-b623c9aa3c22_zpse87cf835.jpg
Wok seared pork, fresh veggies, and sweet chunks of pineapple are tossed together with a kick of Sriracha sauce. This is served on a bed of rice noodles with several crisp lettuce leaves.  How do you eat lettuce wraps?  Simply grab a lettuce leaf, fill it with the meat mixture, and eat it "taco" style.
 photo e0ef35db-d861-415d-99a9-0b351e85dd7b_zpsef831452.jpg

This is a great dish by itself or served as an appetizer among friends.  Crunchy, tangy, hot and sweet, give Sriracha Pineapple Pork lettuce wraps a try!
Have you been to Pei Wei?  Leave a comment telling me what you are excited to try!

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0 Freddy's Sticky Saucy BBQ Ribs!

This post brought to you by Netflix. All opinions are 100% mine.
The holidays are the BEST times to bring family and food together!  I have a family of boys and they LOVE ribs. 
There's something manly about picking up a meaty rib, slathering it with tangy barbecue sauce, eating every morsel off the bone and licking your fingers clean....

While eating, we love to watch a favorite TV show or movie on Netflix. There are thousands of shows to choose from, and I love that many of them are favorites of mine growing up. 

You can pause, fast forward, and rewind with Netflix.  You can watch your favorite TV shows, any time, any where, all with NO commercials! I have Netflix on my phone and tablet and watched a movie in the airport while waiting for a flight.  I have Netflix on my computer in the kitchen and enjoy watching while baking and cooking in the kitchen.
As a family, we like to watch Star Trek Next Generation. We started at the very beginning and have watched every episode in order. We recently watched Men in Black, which was entertaining and fun.  On Thanksgiving, while baking, I will be catching up on White Collar and Burn Notice, which are a couple of my favorite TV crime shows. Having my favorite show on while baking in the kitchen is more enjoyable and makes the time go by faster.
Curtis Stone partnered with Netflix to recreate some favorite TV recipes and I get to share Freddy's Sticky Saucy Ribs (from "House of Cards") with you!
You can bake these ribs, but smoking ribs on a gas or charcoal grill is super easy. After rubbing the spice mixture all over the ribs and letting it marinate, it is set over a disposable pan of water and a foil packet of soaked wood chips.  I poked holes in the top of the foil packet to let the smoke come through.

Grilling low and slow over the grill produces a juicy, tender meat. This took about 2.5 hours.  During the last 30 minutes or so, the ribs are basted with homemade tangy barbecue sauce. 
The result is a smoky, saucy, fantastic rib that anyone would love to sink their teeth into... Click on the link at the end of the post to save/print this recipe.

(full page printable recipe)  
Does your family have movie/TV marathons during the holidays?  What do YOU like to watch?

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0 Thanksgiving Roundup!

Are you a traditionalist?

I am.  Traditions, especially ones involving family are the ones everyone look forward to every year. 

What do you look forward to around Thanksgiving?

For me, it is all about the ROLLS.  Pillowy, soft rolls, slathered with soft butter.  It is the first thing on my plate and the first thing in my mouth.  You can make these rolls ahead of time, using the refrigerator, freezer, or brown and serve method, but I just bake these delicious rolls the day before and pop them in the microwave just before smothering them in butter.

For others, it is about the TURKEY.  My family fights over the moist white turkey breast and leaves the thighs and drumsticks behind.  So, I make a couple of turkey breasts every year using Ina Garten's herbed turkey breast recipe.  The seasonings are put under the skin to flavor and moisten this turkey perfectly.  Leftover turkey is paired with any leftover rolls as sandwiches the next day!

Classic bread crumb DRESSING tops the list for several of my siblings.  My mom has always made it with the "recipe" in her head and was pleased with this version that I made.  I like to chop the celery and onion very fine and saute to keep them soft instead of crunchy.

Have a pressure cooker?  Dust it off and make these creamy mashed POTATOES.  Keep them warm on the "warm" setting of your crock pot for up to four hours!

Make sure to save some room for pie.  This fresh PUMPKIN pie is a classic favorite, but so is this SOUTHERN PECAN pie and GERMAN CHOCOLATE CREAM pie!

Southern Pecan Pie

German Chocolate Cream Pie

I hope you have enjoyed this round up of tried and true family favorites.

What are YOU looking forward to on Thanksgiving?

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