28 Corn Bread Muffins Made Better!

Growing up, I did NOT like to eat cornbread.  It was too dry.  Too bland.  Too gritty.

My poor mother.

She was trying her best.

As a young teen, a group of us youth recreated a short pioneer "trek" across the base of the hills, dressed in traditional pioneer garb and even crossed a river while pushing a hand cart.  After what seemed like an hour or two of pushing and pulling, we took a break for lunch.

Unwrapping my napkin covered lunch, my eyes beheld a small piece of cornbread.

I couldn't bring myself to eat it and gave it away.

I would have made a terrible, horrible, no-good, pioneer girl.

I would have starved and never made it to Salt Lake City.

Now, as an adult mom of two boys, I decided to try corn bread again.

Guess what?

I love it!  Why?

It's not dry.  It is not gritty.  Bland?  No way. 

The secret?  Soaking the cornmeal in milk makes it soft and tender.

Another tip ~ try it with bacon.  Bacon makes everything better.  Cooked bacon is thrown into the batter and...

get ready for this.

The muffin tins are greased with just a touch of bacon fat, giving each muffin a crispy, bacon-y coating that is relished in each and every bite.

Wanna try it?

I know you do.

Grab the recipe and enjoy!

Bacon Corn Bread Muffins
(4x6 recipe download)    (full page printable recipe)  

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  1. Your corn muffins look yummy! I like your substitutions. I'm going to bake the cornbread tonight. We'll see how it goes.

  2. I love corn bread with soup or chili!

  3. Thanks, Cathy! You will LOVE these for breakfast.

    Maria, I wish the weather was cold enough to enjoy these with soup. Next time, I'm going to chop up the bacon fine and put it IN the batter for a breakfast muffin.

  4. AnonymousJuly 17, 2009

    I'm such a texture eater too! I'm sad I can no longer eat wheat bread! :( I stopped over by clicking your comment at PW! Nice to meet you :) I love that you taught your boys to do laundry, me too!
    Jessie at Blog Schmog

  5. Those are some dandy looking muffins. Nice work! I wondered about the texture as well..only time will tell.

  6. Hi Frieda! Thank you so much for visiting my blog today and becoming my newest follower. Following you back! Your cornbread looks delicious, not dry at all (but I know what you mean). And you're right, bacon makes everything better! :o)

  7. i made some cornbread muffins a lot like these not too long ago! i threw in bacon, cheddar cheese and diced jalapenos! great minds, huh? :)


  8. A co-worker and I were just discussing cornbread, and how we didn't like in the past but love it now. I am going to have to try the bacon grease technique.

  9. Hi Frieda, Thanks for your visit and joining my blog. I LOVE to bake as well. I just baked 60 corn bread muffins for a our school's fundraiser last week. We had a big chili cook off. I'll try them with bacon next time. I am sure they will be a big hit at our house. Thanks, and let's visit soon. Greetings from Colorado

  10. Bacon does indeed make EVERYTHING better. Love these!

  11. Is that...BACON?! Yes Yes it is! I'm going to have to dial this up on my recipe to try list. Actually I think I'll be frequenting your site a lot this spring and summer. I'm interested in sandwiches and I want my own bread. I already to your basic whole wheat and such, but its time to spread my wings.

  12. Hi,
    These look delicious! I will look forward to more of your blog - thanks for the friend request on Pioneer Woman. I don't go on Tasty Kitchen that much, but do look at her blog a lot.

  13. Hi Frieda!
    Love your storytelling approach to blogging. It made me want to have some corn bread! Thanks for visiting my blog as well. You're on my list to follow!

  14. Oh my goodness! Those look amazing! And, you're right, bacon does make everything better. :)

  15. You know, I anticipate your recipe posts...so far every one of your recipes that I have tried has been a keeper. I know without even trying this one that my fam is going to love it!
    Thanks for the tip on soaking the cornmeal!

  16. This looks like a wonderful recipe. Cannot wait to try it. Great pics.

  17. Your cornbread looks so good! What a great idea to add bacon.

  18. There a few ingredients that make everything better like and you are right, bacon is definitely one of them.

  19. I grew up eating cornbread so it's one of my favorites. I had never thought of soaking though. I'm sure we'll have this soon as we are having ham for Easter and there is usually enough left over for ham and beans which just cries for cornbread to be served with it.

  20. Bacon definitely makes everything better. The picture of your cornbread looks so good!

  21. What a dangerously yummy idea to include bacon in these cornbread muffins! Luv this idea. They wouldn't last in my home =)

  22. Frieda,

    How does one submit a post for the flavor of the month on foodbuzz, as you did with this post. I've been poking around foodbuzz for info but I'm wondering if it's an "invite" only thing.

  23. Gwenevere, I got an invite from FB and submitted three bacon posts through the link they gave me. I've always wondered how to submit posts for the flavor of the month. When I find out, I'll let you know ~

  24. AnonymousMay 14, 2011

    I have been looking for a good cornbread recipe to try. I can't wait to test this one out!

  25. Do you grind your own flour? I do whenever I bake, and I've noticed that it lets me control the texture and make it so that I will like it. For me, texture is almost as important as flavor (and sometimes even more so), so I can completely relate to your not liking cornbread as a kiddo.

  26. Yes, I do! I take regular popping corn and coarsely grind it in my wheat grinder. Best cornmeal ever! I agree, I am a texture eater before taste, so we must be twins!


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