28 Corn Bread Muffins Made Better!

Growing up, I did NOT like to eat cornbread.  It was too dry.  Too bland.  Too gritty.

My poor mother.

She was trying her best.

As a young teen, a group of us youth recreated a short pioneer "trek" across the base of the hills, dressed in traditional pioneer garb and even crossed a river while pushing a hand cart.  After what seemed like an hour or two of pushing and pulling, we took a break for lunch.

Unwrapping my napkin covered lunch, my eyes beheld a small piece of cornbread.

I couldn't bring myself to eat it and gave it away.

I would have made a terrible, horrible, no-good, pioneer girl.

I would have starved and never made it to Salt Lake City.

Now, as an adult mom of two boys, I decided to try corn bread again.

Guess what?

I love it!  Why?

It's not dry.  It is not gritty.  Bland?  No way. 

The secret?  Soaking the cornmeal makes it soft and tender.

Another tip ~ try it with bacon.  Bacon makes everything better.  Cooked bacon is thrown into the batter and...

get ready for this.

The muffin tins are greased with just a touch of bacon fat, giving each muffin a crispy, bacon-y coating that is relished in each and every bite.

Wanna try it?

I know you do.

Grab the recipe and enjoy!

Bacon Corn Bread Muffins
(4x6 recipe download)    (full page printable recipe)  

My post was created as part of the Denny's and/or Foodbuzz BACONALIA challenge and is an entry for a chance to win...

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