14 BBA: Italian Bread

Italian bread is very similar to French bread. It is a little softer.

I turned mine into torpedo rolls.

I love these mini-loaves.

I've loved baking along with Peter Reinhart.

These were shaped into batards as in my French bread post.

I used a straight edge razor, which has improved my slashes,
but I still found myself hesitant, and the razor snagged the dough.

I'm thinking a tomato knife may do the job next time.

These came out beautifully browned on the bottom.

And the texture is tender and soft.

I toasted them, put some sliced roast beef and melted some provolone cheese

and make French Dip sandwiches out of them.

Or should they be called Italian Dip sandwiches?

Anyway, another blogworthy bread.

If you want to make it, buy the book and join the club!

You can see these rolls and other fabulous breads at YeastSpotting...hop on over!


  1. Yummy! I can't wait for the weather to cool off so I can get back to baking.

  2. Your Italian torpedo rolls look great! They browned beautifully!

  3. Lovely torpedos. I'm jealous of your slash marks. (Now THAT'S something I never dreamed I'd type in a comments box before starting the BBA challenge...lol)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  4. Those look delicious! I've just ordered the book and can't wait to get home to start the challenge. How far into the book are you? IE at what point will I be accomplished enough to make something so gorgeous?

  5. Carla, congratulations on ordering your book ~ I hope it comes soon! The breads are listed by alphabetical order. I jumped in with ciabatta instead of starting with Anadama. Some people are starting with the sour dough breads. I wish these recipes were listed by either method or by difficulty, but it is not. Just follow the instructions carefully, note what other people in the challenge have learned from making their breads and I am sure you will be successful~ As Peter Reinhart says, "your bread will be a hit, no matter what."

  6. Your bread looks wonderful. Can't wait to get to these. Love the torpedo shape.

  7. I. Want. That. Sandwich. (drool)

  8. Italian torpedo rolls are so versatile and yours look just beautiful. Thanks for joining YeastSpotting!

  9. Your rolls look fantastic! I've made this Italian bread several times (before starting the BBA challenge), and it always disappears quickly. I think I'm going to have to try it as rolls this time.

  10. Nothing beats homemade bread! I'm sure it was as delicious as it looks!

  11. Those rolls look great. I'm kind of jealous of your scoring skills! Thanks for visiting reading my post. Would be happy if you stopped by again sometime. I've been following your blog for quite a while already and enjoying great pictures and nice descriptions.

  12. Where is the recipe?

    1. As part of the challenge of baking all the breads in this book, we were as to not share the recipe, only the process and results. However, you can easily find the recipe elsewhere on the web: http://smittenkitchen.com/2007/03/biga-deal/


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