14 BBA: Italian Bread

Italian bread is very similar to French bread. It is a little softer.

I turned mine into torpedo rolls.

I love these mini-loaves.

I've loved baking along with Peter Reinhart.

These were shaped into batards as in my French bread post.

I used a straight edge razor, which has improved my slashes,
but I still found myself hesitant, and the razor snagged the dough.

I'm thinking a tomato knife may do the job next time.

These came out beautifully browned on the bottom.

And the texture is tender and soft.

I toasted them, put some sliced roast beef and melted some provolone cheese

and make French Dip sandwiches out of them.

Or should they be called Italian Dip sandwiches?

Anyway, another blogworthy bread.

If you want to make it, buy the book and join the club!

You can see these rolls and other fabulous breads at YeastSpotting...hop on over!

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