8 Kitchen Tip: Freezer Storage

I love tips. Anything that will make my life easier. Simpler.

I have a side by side fridge that I am not happy with.

I'm waiting for the day that I can get one of those new fridges with the freezer on the bottom... and the double doors that open up wide. Really wide.

In the meantime, I found these plastic baskets at the Dollar store.
I put in all those little odds and ends that are stored in little freezer baggies.

The last hamburger patty.

My frozen meatballs.


I inherited the inability to throw anything away from my dear mother....

If you have any great tips, please feel free to share!


  1. Frieda, I have no tips to share...only compassion. I am currently saving money to buy a french door fridge with a freezer on the bottom! I have a freezer in the garage, but it needs serious organizing. So, thank you! I love the idea of using a freezer for fast meals, but I get lazy about labeling them. Then, I stare at a package and wonder what the devil is it?!!

  2. I have little bags full of leftover meats. One labeled beef, one chicken, etc. I use those for soups. I freeze all leftover broth in labeled bags for future use. All the trimmings off of veggies go in the freezer too.

    I have your dream fridge and I love it. Your going to love it when you get one. I'll never ever get a side by side after having this fridge.

  3. Oh I forgot I also save about 3 tablespoons of ground beef every time I cook ground beef and throw it in a bag in the freezer. After about 6 or 7 times of doing this I have an extra bag of cooked ground beef for soups. I'm not a big fan of reheated meat so I don't precook a lot of meat but having this bag of cooked ground beef makes a quick meal on a busy night.

  4. We have an extra freezer so I can store away my goodies:)

  5. Racks. Little organizational racks like for stationary and stuff. They work great in side-by-sides. Which I wish we had, because stuff constantly gets lost on the bottom of our chest freezer.

  6. I know! I know! I want one of those same fridges! Think of the things you could fit in there! My mother didn't throw anything away either, but because of that, I actually throw everything away! It's a problem either way!

  7. I am old skool, and have a top mount fridge. Yup, so uncool. I bought a new fridge recently, and still picked the basic fridge.

  8. Some good ideas in the comments :) I like your idea of using the plastic boxes in the freezer. I have that miserable side by side problem too. Stuff is always falling out! I use those boxes in my pantry and I use milk crates in my chest freezer, but never thought to use these in my fridge :)


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