7 Kitchen Tip: Measuring Cocoa

The next time you get your cocoa, wait.

Don't rip the top off just yet.

Just rip of maybe a third of it.

I like this so much better than using the lid and making a mess......

If you have any tips to share, please do!


  1. Thanks for the tip - I am always making a mess with the cocoa

  2. I do the same with baking powder!

  3. Awesome tip!!

  4. Thank you! I end up with cocoa dust all over the place, so this tip will come in handy. Now, if I could just remember to start my mixer off slowly, so that the dust doesn't fly even more! Cocoa is so messy to clean off from tile. Arrrrrrgh.

  5. I always (when I remember) scrape all things measured over a flexible cutting board (or piece of paper, because I do not yet own a flexible cutting board...) and dump all excess back into its home vessel. Just roll up the end of the board/paper so it fits inside the lip of the vessel, and viola, no mess.

  6. I love this tip. Measuring cocoa is a real mess in the kitchen, and a waste of my parchment papaer since I measure them usually under tha parchment papaer to catch all the excess and then dump them back in the container.

    How are you these days? How's fall in Utah?

  7. Thanks for the comments! Jennifer...gotta do that with my baking powder, soon~

    Cecille, life is good here in Utah. Just got back from a trip back East, and now catching up with the cold weather and canning. Look for my grape juice post coming up~


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