4 Kitchen Tip: Frozen Raspberries

We did not have a bumper crop of raspberries this year.

But we did have plenty of blackberries~

I like to wash the berries,

Make sure they're well drained...

and place them on a cookie sheet lined with plastic wrap. I've tried parchment paper, which doesn't work.

Then put them in your freezer for about an hour.
Don't forget them!

Then put the frozen berries in a freezer bag (don't use your Food saver...it'll just crush them), label and date.

Now, you'll have fresh raspberries any time...for a dessert, smoothie, or when you're ready to do some winter jam canning~

If you have any great kitchen tips, please share....


  1. That is a nice tip for keeping fresh berries...thanks

  2. Mmm, raspberries. You can do the same trick with peas, by the way. Blanch them, freeze them on a cookie sheet, and pack away.

  3. This is the best trick! This way you don't lose any of the juice, and you don't have to add any sugar!

  4. Hi Frieda..this looks great..it's so fun to have fresh berries in winter......



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