3 Bratwurst with Onion Relish

Nope, the grillin' season ain't over folks!

My Wisconsin born and bred college roommates introduced me to Wisconsin's soul food: 


At first, I was shocked to see that these are cooked in beer.  Beer?!? Beer or any type of alcohol had never touched my lips, and I wasn't about to start.  My sweet and enthusiastic roommates assured me that the alcohol cooked out and that it would taste fabulous.

It has been nearly 30 years since I've had this German influenced delicacy.  Harmon's generously included a package of bratwurst in my gift bag after my back of the store tour, and what did I think of?

My first brat experience with my roommates.

It was time to have bratwurst again ~  no better time than the present, on the heels of summer, going into fall, with tailgating and football games on the horizon.

Thinly sliced yellow onions are simmered with (non-alcoholic) beer, vinegar, salt, mustard seeds and spices.  I  have discovered that alcohol does not fully cook out, so I using an alcohol free amber beer was a great alternative.  You can use chicken or beef broth,  as an alcohol substitution, but the flavors will different.

 Add the bratwurst and simmer for about 10 minutes.  They will absorb the flavors from the beer, onions and spices.

They're looking a little pale, aren't they?  Let's fire up the grill and give 'em some color ...

Now, we're talking!  A medium-high grill till nice and browned is all you need.

The onion mixture is cooked down till brown and fragrant.

Apparently, it is a sin to serve bratwurst on a hot dog bun.  Sheboygan rolls, or brat buns, are hard roll buns that are larger, chewier, and more substantial than a traditional hot dog bun.

I think my French Bread Deli Bun recipe made for very nice brat buns!

Mmmmmmmm.....just as good as I remembered!

Bratwurst and Onion Relish
(4x6 recipe download)     (full page printable recipe)


  1. This looks great!. Love from Spain

  2. That looks fantastic and the way you cooked it makes all the difference. Delicious.

  3. this looks yummy! I'll have to make this for hubby during football season!!


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