2 Crispy Chicken Strips & Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

These light and crispy chicken fingers with a sweet, tangy honey mustard sauce are a perfect finger food ~ think appetizers, party food ... Superbowl game anyone?

Mayonnaise, honey, dill, lemon juice and dry mustard powder are whisked together for a quick and easy dipping sauce.


The chicken fingers are tossed in a seasoning blend of sugar, salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika and mustard powder.

Get your breading station ready:  flour, beaten eggs and bread crumbs (or my favorite: panko crumbs)

Tongs definitely come in handy when dipping and breading!

Make sure your oil is heated over medium-high heat at 325°F.  A frying thermometer comes in very handy.  If your oil it too hot, you will have raw chicken middles; if it is too low, you will have greasy chicken fingers.  

If you look closely at the thermometer, the oil is 352°F ~ way too hot!  Did you know that your oil can drop as much as 25° or more when you put your food in?  It will also take a few minutes in between batches to get the temperature, so a thermometer is very handy.  You can check my earlier post for more tips on frying.

The seasoned chicken is dipped in flour, excess shaken off, dipped in eggs, then into the panko crumbs.  I fried two chicken strips for 2-3 minutes and cut one open to test for doneness.  Looks good to me!