15 Cupcake Genius

My sister in law's family gave me this Cupcake Genius for Christmas.  They purchased it from Avon, but you can also get it here

It is a traditional cupcake sized pan that includes a unique metal frame with silicone tips that allow the batter to bake around, forming a space for filling.

After making my Hostess Copycat Cupcakes, hollowing them out by hand and eating the insides, I was excited and ready to try this out!

It seems simple enough ~ you need to spray the tips and remembered this kitchen tip to put the frame inside the dishwasher and spray...talk about easy clean up!

Line the baking pan with cupcake liners, fill 2/3 full and snap on the metal frame.

Bake as directed, take out of the oven, and wait 5 minutes.

The frame came off easily and didn't destroy any cupcakes in the process...

Filled it with creme (included in the Hostess Cupcake recipe) ... and yes, that is a Ziploc baggie with the tip cut off.  Worked perfectly!  Your choice of fillings are endless: whipped cream, caramel, nuts, fruits, pudding, jelly or candy.

Covered it with chocolate ganache and swirled some more creme on top ... ta da!

Let's take a peek and see how much filling is inside ...

 What a fun surprise!  What would YOU want to find inside your cupcake?


  1. What a need kitchen widget. I use my apple corer to remove the extra dough for the filling.

  2. Amazing that necessity will always be the mother of invention...fanastic and much better than a grafefruit spoon...hugs from the WEST PORTICO, P

  3. Hi Frieda, That looks fabulous! I've never seen anything like it. Thanks for the tip.
    Hope you and yours are doing well. :)

  4. Somebody stop me from buying this and eating all the cream filled cupcakes myself! hahaha those look so mouthwatering! I've never seen a device like that. Genius!

  5. That is SUCH a cool idea!! I just ate a Hostess cupcake because they happen to be one of my favorite snacks/desserts so what you made with the cupcake genius is definitely what I'd be making too!! Will have to put that on my wishlist! :)

  6. Omgosh, that is hilarious yet so ingenious! What a great little tool :)

  7. What a cool little gadget for making ding dong cupcakes. I used to love these as a kid, but the homemade version I know would be the best.

  8. Genius invention! Your cupcakalikes look fantastic!

  9. Okay - that is the coolest thing ever! I love it!

  10. I got a little giddy when I saw this new kitchen gadget! Woot Woot!
    Oh, and the recipe...divine!
    And the tip about spraying your pans in the dishwasher? BRILLIANT!
    These are just a few of the million reasons I love your blog!
    Oh, and I pinned this recipe. And the link to the gadget.

  11. What a neat pan!! Thanks for sharing-I need to get one of these. Your cupcakes looked so good!

  12. nice cup cake recipe Your cupcakalikes look fantastic!
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  13. You know what else would be really good? A minty creamy green filling with mint extract added to the chocolate on top! :)


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