4 Pressure Cook Mashed Potatoes in a Hurry!

Need to make creamy mashed potatoes FAST?

Dust off your pressure cooker and your potatoes will be cooked in under 10 minutes!

You can view my step-by-step post over HERE!...

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Can you feel my big hug? I was just going to start my potatoes boiling, and then I saw this. Why didn't I think of this? Sheesh! I have an electric pressure cooker. Thank you! What a time saver, and it frees up my stove! Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving, Frieda.

    1. ((hugs)) and and wonderful Thanksgiving to you!!

  2. Hey Frieda, this is such a great method for cooking potatoes. BTW I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. Check it out:

  3. Pressure steaming is certainly an improvement over boiling water! However, I like to pressure cook potatoes whole and in their skins. No peeling and chopping. The potatoes have more taste and are more nutritious. I peel them easily after cooking. However, most times I just mash them with the peels on. More taste, fiber, and nutrition.

    The trick for fast cooking is to use cooking nails, which can be found at any good kitchen store for about 50 cents each. Cooking nails drive heat into the potato center and speed cooking dramatically. I can cook any size whole potato with just 10 min of pressure cooking plus a 15 min cool down. Details and pictures are in an article on my book's website.


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